Digital Biota II
Christopher Langton organized the first three international workshops on Artificial Life, and is currently the Editor of the Artificial Life journal, published by MIT Press. Dr. Langton is a founder of the Swarm Corporation, a company providing multi-agent computer simulation tools for scientific and engineering applications in large-scale, real-world complex adaptive systems. He was previously a Resident Research Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, where he was the Director of the Artificial Life Program and the Swarm Project.

Dr. Langton did his undergraduate work at the University of Arizona, graduating with a double major in Anthropology and Philosophy. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, where his thesis work was on "Computation at the Edge of Chaos". Research interests include artificial life, complex adaptive systems, the origin and evolution of life, distributed dynamical systems, simulation in science and technology, and the role of information in physics.

Honors and Awards:
In recognition of his fundamental work in the fields of Artificial Life, the Physics of Computation, and Computational Approaches to Complex Systems, the Santa Fe Institute recently honored Dr. Langton by tossing him out on his ass. He considers this his highest form of recognition to date, and is therefore proud to wear the title: Distinguished Expelee of the Santa Fe Institute.

For recreation, Dr. Langton plays blues and blue-grass guitar, and drives a BMW motorcycle too fast. He is married with two sons, ages 12 & 15.


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